Aweseome Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas
Aweseome Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

60 Awesome Farmhouse Exterior Design and Decor Ideas

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Do you want to transform your home exterior into modern farmhouse exterior?

Modern farmhouse exterior is the perfect blend of modern and traditional elements. It combines traditional elements such as farm porch, wooden chair, or reclaimed wood, with several modern elements. With a perfect combination, it will make a beautiful and attractive appearance to your home.  Well, luckily we’ve got some golden tips for you to remodeling your exterior in to modern farmhouse exterior design.

If you are wondering how to decorate your home exterior, here are a few tips you need to try.

  • Barn Inspired

Barn doors and windows are a popular thing for farmhouse designs. Barn doors come with aesthetic and functional benefits. Aesthetically, barn door has a farmhouse high artistic value which means beauty and comfort that will beautify your home exterior.

  • Exterior Lighting

Lighting is very important for your home, especially for exterior. In addition to providing lighting, the lights are also a typical farmhouse decoration. One of them is metal lighting. Metal will give the impression of a very attractive modern farmhouse. Choose the best colors and designs and all will be perfect.

  • Materials

Modern farmhouse style features more natural wood elements. Starting from the bench, porch, swings, floors, walls of the house, to outdoor living space. In addition it will look natural, wood elements will add value to beauty and comfort to everyone who sees.

If you love farmhouse exterior design, maybe this will help you solve your problem. Check out some of the best pictures of farmhouse exterior we’ve collected from internet. Enjoy !!

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