Gorgeous Living Room Design Ideas
Gorgeous Living Room Design Ideas

70 Gorgeous Living Room Design and Decor Ideas

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Do you love to decorating living room?

Living room is one of the favorite places to gather with family. This is the right room to relax after a day of work, to entertain on weekends, and to see movies together at night. So the living room design must be considered so that you feel more comfortable and relaxed when enjoying your rest time.

There are those designs in trend and there are still those designs that we want fulfilled in our dream house. With so many things to consider, it is helpful to check out designs to finally get into what’s best for a living room. Choose a living room design that suits your style, and don’t forget to add a little decoration to beautify and add freshness in your living room.


If you are wondering how to decorate your living room, here are most popular living room design you need to copy..

  • Farmhouse Living Room

One of the keys to creating a farmhouse style is choosing the right furniture. Rustic wood, crisp whites and neutral color palates abound in this farmhouse living room decor lineup. To make the rustic and farmhouse theme real, you need to be able to paint your coffee table in white and then decorate the table with some rustic accessories like wooden basketball, white or cream colored pillows, and old lamps.

  • Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary design is one of the designs that are in demand lately. No doubt, contemporary design consists of basic and simple designs. Combined with minimalist and monochrome features will make the contemporary more stylish.

  • Mid Century Room

Mid century design is a style of decoration developed from 1945 – 1975. Mid century style has a simple shape with minimalist and functional high ornaments, but has a high appeal. Make mid century modern effortless look. By using wooden-legged furniture, here is a peach accent chair, wide wooden windows, and some ornaments typical of mid century. All of that will make your living room more charming.

  • Scandinavian Living Room

Scandinavian is very trendy, beautiful and comfortable. Dominated by white and natural are typical Nordic style features. Combined with modern minimalist style and Nordic furniture known for its simplicity, it will make your Scandinavian living room comfortable and beautiful. Or you can mix Scandi features with mid-century modern, minimal or farmhouse, and such a mix will be stunning.

If you want to do a remodel or just decorate your living room, it might help you solve your problem. We have gathered some of the best living rooms from the internet. Check them and don’t forget to share.

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